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What is the Alaska Sealife Center?

The Alaska SeaLife Center [1] in Seward [2], Alaska is not likely similar to any aquarium you’ve ever visited and is distinctly different then a Sea World type theme park.  It is uniquely Alaskan and covers many things specific to Alaska like its eco-system, wildlife, sea life and even has an exhibit on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. We visit the Alaska SeaLife on a regular basis.  Each and every visit we seem to discover something new.  The SeaLife center is a great family affair.  Admission is for $20 adults and $10 child (ages 4-11). The Center offers displays to keep the young minds entertained but also has informative displays for adults to learn from. The upper level is set up so you can explore everything from a salmon’s life span, touch tanks, an observation deck, and entry to three different wildlife exhibits called the Rocky Coast Gallery which has harbor seals, sea lions and sea birds. 

Exhibits are in settings which allow you to get close up snap shots with your camera of the sealife.  The upper level has indoor and outdoor wildlife exhibits with the animals in very naturalistic environments.  The lower level of the center provides the same exhibits in an underwater display so you can observe the wildlife as they feed, swim, and play.  It gives you a feeling of actually being underwater with the wildlife.  Watching Woody, the 2000 pound seal lion, play and swim right up to you at the window gives you a great perspective of how large these animals are.  It is impressive that they are so agile underwater.

Be sure to listen for the announcements for special events occurring as you are exploring the SeaLife center.  During the feeding in the Seabird Halibut, it is amazing to see puffins fly into the 21 foot deep tank and swim to the near the bottom of the tank to feed on fish! If you are traveling with teens they may like to experience the “Behind the Scenes” tour, one of several Sealife Center tours [3] which the Alaska Sealife Center offers.  Kids and adults both love the Octopus encounter – where else can you feed, or have Giant Pacific Octopus legs wrapped around your arm! Tour costs are in addition to admission and range from $20 to $80.  You’ll want to book these tours in advance if you have your mind set on a particular experience as some of them are only offered once or twice a day at the most and will sell out.

A visit to the Alaska Sealife Center compliments well a Kenai Fjords National Park cruise [4]. While you are staying in Seward I encourage you to visit, learn, explore and become an Alaskan sea life expert.