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Talkeetna Eats: Part One

When the opportunity arises, I spend a lot of time in Talkeetna [1] visiting with friends at our favorite local restaurants and pubs. For the size of this small town, which boasts less than 1,000 year-round residents, there’s a delicious array of ways to satisfy hungry Whether that vacation takes you into town for a half-day fishing excursion [2] or perhaps to spend a night or two at a Talkeetna lodge [3], a morning in Talkeetna should start with a trip down to the historic Talkeetna Roadhouse on Main Street. The Roadhouse offers hearty standard breakfasts that come piled high with eggs, potatoes, and bacon or reindeer sausage. If you like something sweeter, try their sourdough hotcakes. In true Alaskan fashion, the Roadhouse is still using sourdough starter that dates back to 1902. And, if you don’t have time to wait (which can happen, since the Roadhouse is very popular), they offer a delectable selection of pastries to go. My personal favorite are their raspberry cinnamon rolls. All tables are family style, so you may find yourself seated next to a fellow tourist, a long-time Talkeetna local, or a team of mountain climbers prepping for (or coming down from) their Denali trek. Walking away from breakfast with new friends is the norm.

If you are looking for a juicy burger and cold beer you can’t beat the West Rib Pub behind Nagley’s General Store. Aside from a selection of delicious burgers, the Pub offers a range of seafood, salads, and their famous deep-fried halibut nuggets. The Pub offers both outdoor and indoor seating, and I have to say it’s hard to beat sitting outside enjoying a pint of Alaskan brewed beer at 10 p.m. with the sun still high in the sky. If you did sit inside, the walls are littered with climbing memorabilia and comments from patrons from all over the world. Feel free to ask the pub tender for a marker to document your own trip to Talkeetna on the wall.

One of my absolute favorite places to eat in Talkeetna is the Wildflower Café. The Café is in a beautiful, newly built log building on Main Street. They offer beautifully crafted food made from locally sourced ingredients including fresh seafood and greens. I highly recommend the Chef Salad for lunch. It comes with fresh greens, sliced ham, turkey, cheeses, and a nice portion of fresh Alaskan crab. For dinner I can’t resist their Seafood Curry: Sautéed crab, halibut, and scallops are served over a bed of rice noodles and vegetables with a fragrant light curry sauce.

Feeling hungry? There’s much more amazing fare to share. Look for my Talkeetna Eats: Part Two post soon!

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