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Renown Glacier Cruise

sea-otter-kenai-fjordsWith family and friends who come to visit us in Alaska I always want to take them down to Seward [1], it’s small town Alaskan feel and beautiful setting is always a hit and is fun even for those of us who are Alaska residents. This year my family took our sister in law from Australia, new to Alaska, on a on a day cruise with Renown [2] into Kenai Fjords National Park and it was amazing! We saw so much wildlife it was astounding.

Our 6 hour cruise left the small boat harbor in Seward at 11:30am.
As we walked to the boat we were delighted to see a sea otter grooming itself just feet off the dock, making for an amazing photo opportunity, and that was just on the way to the boat! Once we left the harbor the captain and crew introduced themselves and began a memorable search for whales, sea birds and all other marine wildlife we could find. Just minutes after leaving the town behind we came upon a pod of orca whales feeding on the small fishes found in the area.  We followed them for more than twenty minutes, taking pictures and being awed by their size and graceful swimming.

sea-lion-kenai-fjordsOur 250 passenger catamaran boat made the tour great for me as I am prone to get seasick, and it was the most stable ride I have done to date in Kenai Fjords National Park [3]. We continued from there to a colony of arctic turns, amazing little birds that resemble seagulls, but are very quick agile fliers that migrate from Antarctica every year. The tour was spectacular, with more visits to colonies of sea lions, seals, and other unique sea birds.

aialik-glacierThe cruise culminated with a stop at a huge tide water glacier, Aialik glacier. Our catamaran boat made a fast and smooth trip to the glacier where the boat stopped for some time for us to witness the ice calving into the ocean. This was an impressive sight to be seen and heard, and was a highlight of the trip. Needless to say our sister in law was more than happy and our trip was amazing. We will definitely return with our visiting friends and family in the future.