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Our Trip To Alaska

Over the weekend, we received this fantastic email from a prior client, Nancy Lyon, who traveled to Alaska in 2008.  I thought I’d share with staff and visitors alike…

nancy-l-2008“I should have done this a year ago!!! Actually this past year has been so crazy-busy that only this past month the four of us who went to Alaska got together for a reunion and finally got to see all of our pictures.  It made me think about how remiss I was not to tell you that  Alaska Tour & Travel is the best! Everything about the trip was fantastic and the best part was knowing that we didn’t have to think twice about our reservations for hotels, excursions, buses, etc.

nancy-l-denaliYou did a phenominal job and we have…and will continue to…recommend Alaska Tour & Travel [1] and alaskatravel.com [2] to everyone. At times we saw those who had used other companies struggle through when their names were missing or other problems arose.  We never experienced any problems and that is more half the battle with any vacation. You made planning the trip a breeze, which made enjoying it even easier….which we did…every minute of it!!.  Thanks so much for all that you did!  We will be back some day and when we do, we’ll be in touch. As you can see..we even got to see the majestic Denali!

Thanks again…and Happy Holidays!!”

Nancy Lyon

Thank you Nancy for the kind words, especially on a cold Alaska winter day such as today, its always good to hear from our past clients who enjoyed their trip to Alaska!  Happy Holidays to you too!