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Our Own Alaska Pilot

Karen Hessert, has worked for Alaska Tour & Travel for over 10 years, and has lived in Alaska for over 20 years.  Last summer Karen decided it was time to fulfill her dream of becoming an Alaskan pilot and late in the year she received her private pilot license.  Karen recently said “as I reached another milestone in my journey I looked back and am amazed at all the skills I have acquired as well as the spectacular adventures I have experienced.  Whether I am at Merrill Air Field doing touch and go’s around Anchorage [1], going out to the practice fields near Big Lake or going on another cross country trip to Fairbanks, Seward, Soldotna, Gulkana or other areas within South central and Interior parts of Alaska I am reminded each time of the precious scenery Alaska has to offer.  Absolutely stunning views and I have the best seat to witness it all.”

Whether you are another inspiring future pilot or just want to experience a short flight, flight seeing tours [2] only add to the reality of the vastness Alaska has to offer and an experience you will never forget.  As we’ve followed Karen’s journey to becoming a pilot and since then heard many fabulous stories of her flights, we’re pleased that she can share those experiences and knowledge of flight-seeing with our clients.  As Amelia Earhart once said “You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.” 

So when you are in Alaska this summer, and see a small plane above you – be sure to wave as it might just be Karen, your own Alaska travel expert taking off for another Alaskan adventure.