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Kayaking Resurrection Bay with Sunny Cove

This past weekend as my family and I headed to Seward [1] I decided that since it was such a nice evening I would try my hand at sea kayaking.  I have only been sea kayaking once out of Valdez with my other son many years ago when he was a teenager.  Ironically, I am here again trying sea kayaking with my younger son who happens to be 16 years old as well.  We decided to take the evening adventure at 6pm with Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking [2] company departing from Lowell Point.  Lowell Point is just a few miles away from the small boat harbor and at the start of the Caines Head State Recreation Park trail area.Sunny Cove is located at Lowell Point and does not offer a shuttle but a cab can be easily attainable for about $18.  We had our own vehicle and found them located just past the Miller’s Point landing area. Remember to bring along a bottle of water since there is no place out there to purchase any.

Once we arrived we were greeted by the staff and check in was simple.  We had to sign some liability forms, was issued our life vests, kayak skirts and boots.  They also provide zip lock bags for any items like your phone, cameras or other small items you don’t want to get water on. 
We began our trip out on the beach with our paddles in hand and was briefed about how to use our paddle  as well as reviewed very important safety rules while kayaking in the bay area. The instructor’s assisted us into our kayaks, double checking we were secure and we were off.  I decided to let my son steer the kayak while I set the pace in the front of the tandem kayak.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  We headed along the Caines Head Recreation Park [3] trail in our small group. 

It was amazing since we saw salmon jumping right next to us, bald eagles feeding on the beach a short distance away, sea stars along the rocks, sea otters playing in the waves and glaciers surrounding the bay.  The tour was about two hours and I would recommend that you are in somewhat good shape since it is definitely a workout for your abs!  For parents taking any children (children must be at least 12 for 1pm trip and at least 8 for 6pm trip) be prepared to do a little extra work.  The pace of the group is different each time since they stay within the groups abilities.

If you find yourself in Seward and looking for something to do I highly recommend considering seeing the bay from a different perspective; sea kayaking.  It is a great family activity and cost effective as well.