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Denali Tundra Wilderness Tour – Lunch or Snack?

denali-wildlife-tour-busOne of the most common questions we receive regarding the Tundra Wilderness Tour [1] in Denali National Park is if lunch is included. The Park concessionaire that operates the tour calls the meal a “small snack.” Each year we inquire what the snack includes as it can change. Often, when we advise visitors to arrange for a box lunch from their hotel before they go we later hear back from them that the snack was a lunch and why did we tell them to purchase a box lunch for the trip? The reality is that whether you will need additional food on your tour depends on your appetite and what you ate for breakfast or lunch before you depart on either the morning or afternoon tour.

For 2016, we have been advised by the Park Concessionaire that the “snack” will be similar to the following in terms of content and amounts:

Tundra Wilderness Snack:

Indian Valley Summer Sausage – 2 oz
1 Croissant – small
Tillamook Cheddar Cheese – .75 oz
Mustard Packet
Alaska Potato Chips – 1 oz bag
Carrots – 2 oz bag or an orange
Snack mix – 1 packet
Water bottle – 16 oz
Wet Nap


Whether this is a “large snack” or a “small lunch” is a matter of continual debate in our office! There is also no guarantee that the tour operator won’t change the contents if they run short of supplies in Denali, but this will give you an idea of the size of the snack that is included in the Tundra Wilderness Tour. Our suggestion is that when in Denali National Park [2] on a Tundra Wilderness Tour, bring along a supplemental snack – perhaps pick up some fresh fruit, a few energy bars, or a muffin. If you are worried about getting by on a snack or lunch similar to the size and description of the above then ask your hotel to make you a fresh box lunch to bring along with you.

Keep in mind that if you are booked on the shorter Natural History Tour [3] that there is no snack or lunch provided. If you are booked on the Kantishna Wilderness tour [4] that travels deep into Denali National Park, that you’ll be provided a hot lunch at the Kantishna Roadhouse [5] about half way through your 11-12 hour tour. In that case, you’ll still want to bring snacks along that you can enjoy along the ride.