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Deciding Where To Stay At Denali Park

[1]Denali National Park hotels [2] vary widely from full service premium hotels such as the Grande Denali Lodge [3] to smaller family owned lodges offering cabin style accommodations such as the Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins. Most visitors to the National Park stay in Denali’s “front country” just outside the Park Entrance along a 13 mile stretch of the Parks Highway. While those seeking a more intimate experience and an extended stay in Denali often combine a stay at the Park entrance with a two night stay deep within Denali National Park’s at Kantishna [4], also referred to as Denali’s “backcountry” located at the end of the Denali Park Road.

Outside of the Park entrance the accommodations are generally recognized as being in two distinct areas – either north of the Park entrance in the Nenana “Canyon” area, or south of the Park entrance in the “Village” area. Check out this Denali map [5] for an overhead view of where each of the hotels are located. The Canyon accommodations are located just a mile north of the Park entrance on the east side of the Nenana River on either the river itself or along the hillside overlooking the Nenana Canyon below. Intermingled amongst the hotels located in this area are a variety of restaurants, shops, and outfitters offering activities in the Park area. Hotels, among others, located in the Canyon area are the:

[9]The “Village Area” is located six miles south of the Denali Park entrance. The village area hotels are located along a scenic, winding section of the Nenana River. The village area has both traditional and cabin style hotel rooms set in a wooded area among rolling hills that the Nenana River flows. The village area has limited services and only one hotel restaurant which is located at the McKinley Park Village [10]. Generally speaking, this area is best suited for clients who have their own transportation – the exception being the McKinley Park Village which also has a fairly extensive shuttle and transportation system. Many of the visitors who stay in this area enjoy the restaurants located a few miles south such as the 229 Parks Restaurant [11]. Hotels, among others, in the village area are:

Denali National Park has many choices on where you can stay. If you’re traveling independently to Denali, your choice of where to stay will depend on your means of transportation while at Denali, the type of accommodations you are seeking – traditional hotel rooms or cabins, and the value you place on additional hotel services such as onsite restaurants, gift shops, and resort style activities.