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Denali National Park’s Crow’s Nest Cabins

denali-crowsnest-cabinsThe Crow’s Nest Cabins [1] are a great place to stay at Denali National Park [2]. Working long summer hours in tourism my husband and I rarely get a quiet moment to relax together, but the Crow’s Nest Cabins allowed us to do so. For travelers it is a great property to visit as a quiet get away with beautiful views. the Crow’s Nest is located just outside the entrance to the Park.

Our cabin situated on Sugarloaf Mountain had a wonderful view of the canyon area of the park. The deck on our cabin had chairs for sitting to take in the view and was a fun place for us to sit and spend time with friends.

denali-crowsnest-restaurantWhen we got hungry we went to the Crow’s Nest Overlook Bar & Grill for dinner. The restaurant has Alaska seafood, steaks and burgers as well as a wide selection of wine and brews. The burger I had was truly Alaskan-Size, and better yet it was not a budget breaker!After a long day we were ready to turn in for the night in our warm comfy cabin, but for those looking for a late night dip the Crow’s Nest has a hot tub where you can relax in a beautiful setting. We had our own car but I did notice the Crow’s Nest shuttle service faithfully shuttling guests to their needed destinations. The office staff was friendly and helpful and our stay was trouble free.