Point A to Point B: Alaska Travel Times

It may not be quite as fun as picking out Alaska day tours or as entertaining as shopping for accommodations, but coordinating efficient transportation is still on one of the most important aspects of a well-planned itinerary. To help you decide between transportation options check out this list of transit times plus our tips for making the most of your time traveling in Alaska.


Alaska’s Summer Weather

The most common question we get regarding travel to Alaska is what will the weather be like?  If only we could tell you for sure, but weather is difficult to predict.  This spring has started out dry, real dry!  But in Alaska that doesn’t necessarily reflect what the weather will be even tomorrow! Alaskan summers are cooler than many visitors are used to but it is still summer – a winter parka is not necessary!  Many travelers revel in the cooler temperatures.  Alaska is a big state so the weather does vary from region to region. Alaska is a great place to visit anytime of the year although most visitors come from mid-May to mid-September.  (more…)

Spencer Glacier Hike & Kayak Adventure

One rainy day in late August my family and I set out on a new adventure – a trip to the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop to kayak on Spencer Lake and the chance to hike on Spencer glacier. to get to Spencer, you’ll need to take the Alaska Railroad’s Glacial Discovery train from either Anchorage or Girdwood. We traveled by car to Girdwood along the Turnagain Arm and were lucky enough to see Beluga whales in route.

ryan-glacial-talkWe parked at the Hotel Alyeska and checked in with Ascending Path at the yurt next to the hotel. In the yurt we were fitted with crampons for our walk on the glacier. The guides also made sure that we were dressed appropriately – full rain gear, many layers, hats, gloves and NO cotton clothing! Alaska weather is always an adventure and can be enjoyed as long as you are prepared. A good hiking shoe is a plus but I only had running shoes and did okay. My feet got wet due to the rain and a bit cold but the crampon attached comfortably to my shoes. The guide service, The Ascending Path, will also set you up with climbing boots to use while on the glacier. A few of us took them up on the offer, while I did not. In retrospect I should have as they were much more comfortable and warm then I was by the end of the day. (more…)

Kayaking Resurrection Bay with Sunny Cove

This past weekend as my family and I headed to Seward I decided that since it was such a nice evening I would try my hand at sea kayaking.  I have only been sea kayaking once out of Valdez with my other son many years ago when he was a teenager.  Ironically, I am here again trying sea kayaking with my younger son who happens to be 16 years old as well.  We decided to take the evening adventure at 6pm with Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking company departing from Lowell Point.  Lowell Point is just a few miles away from the small boat harbor and at the start of the Caines Head State Recreation Park trail area. (more…)

Luggage Storage at Denali National Park

 If you are going into Denali National Park for an overnight in Kantishna, or perhaps you are camping inside the park, you have several choices on where to store your excess luggage. The Park concessionaire offers a baggage check service located across from the Alaska Railroad Depot. Just follow the foot path between the Denali Park Visitor Center and the rail depot. It is hard to miss as its adjacent to the Park “bus stop”. The cost of storing a bag is $5 per calendar day. This location is convenient for clients arriving off of the Alaska Railroad or the Park Connection Motorcoach which drops off at the rail depot as well.

Also, if you are staying in a Denali hotel after your trip into Denali Park, most hotels will store your luggage for your return with proof of a reservation being held. You’ll want to make sure the bell desk notes on the your checked luggage which day you are planning on returning to claim the bag and check in to the hotel.