Anchorage’s Downtown Market

anchorage-marketThe Anchorage Market & Festival in downtown Anchorage is open every weekend from Mid-May to mid-September throughout the summer. It’s located in at the corner of 3rd and C Streets, just three blocks from Anchorage’s town square. Market hours are from 10am to 6pm. For locals who have visiting friends and relatives, its a great reason to come downtown on a weekend. For visitors, its another great reason to explore downtown Anchorage.

The market provides the opportunity to check out over 300 vendors from throughout Alaska. Be sure to look for vendors who sell “Made in Alaska” products to assure yourself that you are purchasing unique arts & crafts and gifts made by Alaskans. The “Made in Alaska” program was established to increase the sale of Alaskan manufactured products. The made in Alaska emblem depicts a mother bear and her cub in a rectangle form with “Made in Alaska” written below the bears. The emblem and permit number identify the product as being made in Alaska and certified by the Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development. As you shop throughout the state you will find this unique labeling system and assures you that this product has been reviewed by state officials.

A few of our favorite shops inside the Market are Saddle Pal Creations which owners write and sell their Alaskan children books, and the Aurora Gallery which if you haven’t ever seen the aurora borealis is a must stop. The photographer Todd Salat has traveled the state photographing the aurora and his art is incredible.

salmon-expressNot only does the market offer great shopping but there is usually plenty of outdoor entertainment week to week. Magicians, balloon artists, local musicians, native dancers and even local comedians entertain the crowds all day long. The Anchorage Market & Festival is a short 4 block walk from the Anchorage Museum so if you are looking for a quick bite to eat while waiting for your departure on the Park Connection Motorcoach then walk on over to the market and try out something unique to Alaska such as salmon or halibut quesadilla’s, reindeer hot dogs, Alaskan made ice cream, musk ox burgers, wild game shish kabobs, and many more local favorites. You can also take home some Alaskan flavors by purchasing some birch syrup products, smoked salmon, halibut, Alaska wild berry jams or jellies and even local honey products. Whether you are just arriving into Anchorage, leaving Anchorage or just passing through enroute to Denali, the Anchorage Market & Festival should be a stop on your travel plans find you in Anchorage on a weekend.


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