Alaska’s Wilderness Express Dome Rail Service

IMG_7564Travel by rail in Alaska received an infusion when the Wilderness Express was purchased by Alaskan owned and operated Premier Alaska Tours prior to last summer. The Wilderness Express is a deluxe, private dome rail service that travels on the same route and schedule as the Alaska Railroad’s Denali Star service between Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali and Fairbanks. In fact, it’s attached and beginning this year will act as the “caboose” providing for clear rear views from its outside viewing platform.

Traditionally a rail service that only Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line passengers were able to experience, a few independent Alaska visitors traveled on the private dome rail service in 2014 and their reviews were excellent. The dome cars offer 80 leather upholstered seats in the upper dome that recline. The upper dome service also offers a full bar service and espresso bar while the lower dome’s host the restaurant, gift shop, restrooms, and viewing platform.

IMG_7349Expectations have been set even higher for the Wilderness Express in 2014.  Premier knows Alaska travelers seek as many opportunities as possible to experience authentic Alaskan hospitality and products so they’re working hard at immersing Alaska products into all aspects of their rail service whether it’s native artwork, Alaska seafood or Matanuska Valley grown produce. Here’s a sample of the Alaskan, locally sourced products they’re adding to the experience this summer:

In the Dining Room – Organic birch syrup (new!) made in Talkeetna and Alaska-made reindeer sausage
On the Menu – Copper River Red Salmon (new!) in addition to Alaska Snow Crab
On Tap – Featuring 3 Alaskan Beers from Juneau, Talkeetna, and Fairbanks
In the Espresso – Fresh Alaskan roasted Kaladi Brothers coffee beans from Anchorage

A new feature in the domes will be Native Alaskan art sculptures which will showcase four Alaskan carvers, one in each car made of fossilized whale and walrus bone.

Full rail schedules for the Wilderness Express in addition to the Alaska Railroad and McKinley Explorer rail service are available on our Alaska Train Schedule Page, or on Like the GoldStar Dome or McKinley Explorer, the Wilderness Express adds tremendous value to a ride on the railroad and is an excellent upgrade from the Alaska Railroad’s Adventure class (standard service) for at least one leg of your transportation included in an Alaska custom travel package.

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