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Alaska’s 50th Anniversary Photographs

Glacial IceWe received 286 photos from visitors who came to Alaska this summer as well as a few from Alaska residents for Alaska’s 50th Anniversary of Statehood [1]. All of the photos can now be seen on our website. We’ve enjoyed many emails from visitors who have sent us photos and told us about their Alaska experience – each photograph and narrative telling its own story about what a fantastic experience traveling in Alaska is. It made our day each time we received an email from a visitor who returned home and then sent us photographs with superlative messages describing their Alaska experience as “spectacular”, “breathtaking”, and “a trip of a lifetime.” We agree!

Curious MooseOver the next two weeks, we will be selecting the photo whose owner will receive Sydney Laurence’s “Legacy of Alaska” print signed by eight governors in Alaska, including Sarah Palin. To select the photograph, we’ve enlisted Alaska Tour & Travel staff and management’s help. But, with so many great photos to choose from we’ve invited two “outside” representatives of Alaska’s travel industry to participate as well; Trista Crawford, Vice President of Tourism for Old Harbor Native Corporation which owns the Grande Denali Lodge [2] and Denali Bluff’s Hotel [3] at Denali National Park [4], and Dennis McDonnell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Major Marine Tours which operates day cruises [5] to Kenai Fjords National Park [6]. Both will help us determine who shall receive “Legacy of Alaska”.

We’re going to take about 10 days to make our final selection and will post the winning photograph, along with information on the photographer on, or around November 15th. And don’t worry about the photos in this blog as they are not included in the contest, but were taken by my 8 year old daughter, Kylie, an avid photographer herself. In the mean time, enjoy the photographs of Alaska from this past summer. They are inspiring and makes us even more excited about enjoying more adventures in Alaska next summer.