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Alaska Travel Photo Contest!

We’re giving away Gold this summer! Alaska Tour & Travel [1] is celebrating this summer’s travel season by giving away an 1-Ounce, 24k Gold Official State of Alaska Medallion to the photographer who submits the winning photo to photos@alaskatravel.com [2] depicting Alaska’s spectacular wildlife, scenery, people or adventure.  The 24K Gold Medallion, currently valued at over $1500, is made in Anchorage [3], Alaska at the Alaska Mint, owned by life-long Alaskan Michael Robuck and his family.  The Alaska Mint [4] is located at 429 W. 4th Avenue, just a block away from the Egan Convention Center and the Anchorage Visitor Center Log Cabin, is worth a visit.   The northern most Mint in the world, The Alaska Mint produces its own art work and hand makes the medallions in their Anchorage shop.   The Alaska Mint is open every day, but if you visit the shop Monday through Friday, you can observe the craftsmen as they work on the Alaska State Medallions as well as other collectable items.  The Alaska Mint also has unique historical mining displays for viewing.

Last year, we celebrated Alaska’s 50th Anniversary of Statehood by giving away Sydney Laurence’s print “Legacy of Alaska [5]” depicting Alaska’s Mt. McKinley.  In selecting the Gold Medallion as this year’s  photo contest award, we’re satisfied that we’ve chosen a high quality, unique, Alaskan made item that is symbolic of Alaska, The Last Frontier.  Last year’s winning photographer was Jim Allen from Dover, Florida for his photo entitled “The Fisherman”, an incredible photo of an Alaska Brown Bear.  For complete details and rules, as well as to view many of last year’s photos, rules visit www.alaskatravel.com/photo-contest [6].