2013 Alaska Travel Photo Contest Winners

chaney.j5Alaska Tour & Travel received over 400 photos this summer from visitors and Alaskans whos travels and photographs covered much of the State of Alaska. For the past five years we have given an award to the photographer whose photo best depicts Alaska’s spectacular wildlife, scenery, people or adventure. The 2013 Grand Prize is a 32GB WiFi iPad. This year in addition to the Grand prize, we are giving a 16 GB iPad MINI to the photographer for their Alaska Railroad themed photo as well. This year’s Grand Prize photograph was selected as “Eagle Hunting” by John C from Houston, Texas. John submitted several beautiful wildlife photographs of wildlife which he took during trips to Alaska. We’ve seen many photographs of eagles over the years, and our staff and other judges were particularly impressed with “Eagle Hunting”.

barth.k2The 2013 Alaska railroad themed award winning photo is simply called “Alaska railroad, Seward Highway” taken by Kathleen B. from Anchorage, Alaska. The photograph was taken along the Turnagain Arm, just off the Seward Highway. Trains are often observed along the Turnagain Arm as it travels from Seward or Whittier and railroad becomes part of the attraction and scene of exploring the Turnagain Arm.

Congratulations to both our winning photographers and thank you to all you took the time to submit photos to Alaska Tour & Travel. Our staff and other Alaska Tourism industry friends who take part in selecting the photographs enjoyed looking at all them this fall and they remind us of why we love Alaska. Many of the photographs submitted can be seen on our photo website.


  1. December 27th, 2013 | 10:12 am

    Jon, probably the best source of information will be from Alaska 511.


    Looking at their website now it appears that the road conditions are in fairly good shape. Make sure they have plenty of extra clothing, sleeping bags, and emergency equipment in case they have any difficulties along the way.

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