Denali’s Alpenglow Restaurant

denali-grande-restaurant-sjPart of the experience of traveling to new places is experiencing great local cuisine. With so many of travelers to Alaska visiting Denali National Park, we get many questions about what to expect when dining at the hotels. We reached out to the Grande Denali Lodge to find out what they had on tap this summer at one of Denali’s premier restaurants, The Alpenglow. The Alpenglow sits high on Sugarloaf Mountain and has the commanding views of Denali National Park’s entrance area along the Nenana River Canyon. (more…)

Denali Tundra Wilderness Tour – Lunch or Snack?

denali-wildlife-tour-busOne of the most common questions we receive regarding the Tundra Wilderness Tour in Denali National Park is if lunch is included. The Park concessionaire that operates the tour calls the meal a “small snack.” Each year we inquire what the snack includes as it can change. Often, when we advise visitors to arrange for a box lunch from their hotel before they go we later hear back from them that the snack was a lunch and why did we tell them to purchase a box lunch for the trip? The reality is that whether you will need additional food on your tour depends on your appetite and what you ate for breakfast or lunch before you depart on either the morning or afternoon tour. (more…)

Dining on the Alaska Railroad

ARR-WildernessexplorerMost visitors who explore Alaska’s South-central and Interior travel at least a portion of their vacation by Alaska railroad. The railroad provides a quality means of transportation from Seward to the south, to Fairbanks in the north with Anchorage, Talkeetna and Denali being the primary destinations in between. While the railroad is likely the most memorable means of transport in Alaska, it isn’t known as being “bullet train” fast so due to the distances involved you will likely be eating at least one meal on board each of the rail segments that you travel on. It’s good then that dining on board is such a fantastic way of passing time while enjoying the Alaska scenery. (more…)

Decades of Dining in Anchorage

Anchorage, like all major cities does not have a shortage of restaurants. Even in the middle of our winters, we brave the cold temps and dine out often. But how do you pick great restaurants while visiting Anchorage? Some of the longest standing restaurants provide the best fare in town. Anything from a great breakfast with a unique Alaskan atmosphere to dinner at a small, intimate steakhouse we can point you in the right direction.

Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant located at 4333 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK, provides a uniquely Alaskan themed restaurant. Either sitting upstairs or downstairs you are surrounded by photos and paraphernalia from the beginning of Alaska’s Statehood to the present. Enjoy a hearty breakfast of Reindeer Sausage, eggs and home fries or something as simple as pancakes and waffles. Known for great atmosphere and food Gwennie’s will satisfy your stomachs and provide a great atmosphere. (more…)

Alaska Seafood

A recent visit to Juneau reminded me how fortunate Alaskan’s are to have such an abundance of fresh, local seafood available to us.  In Juneau for meetings, I had the opportunity to splurge on Alaskan king crab, Alaska salmon kabobs, and salmon cakes.   One of my favorite restaurants in Juneau is The Twisted Fish – it specializes in Alaska seafood and is popular with both locals and visitors.  As a result of my trip to Juneau, I have fresh enthusiasm for including Alaska seafood in meal plans this winter.

Returning to Anchorage, I took a poll around the office asking what they think the best seafood restaurants are around the State, so if you are visiting Alaska be sure to check out some of these restaurants our staff themselves seek out when they want fresh Alaskan seafood:

Anchorage:      Simon & Seafort’s
Juneau:              Twisted Fish
Fairbanks:        Pikes Landing
Skagway:           The Fish Company
Seward:             Resurrection Roadhouse
Talkeetna:        Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge (more…)

Dining in Denali

For the past five summers I have been visiting Denali and enjoying the locally owned restaurants. When you arrive in the Denali National Park area you find several large lodges and of course each of these has one if not multiple restaurants, ranging from casual cafés to more upscale restaurants. These restaurants are great but somtimes you want to explore the local fare, and there are several located within a few miles from the Denali Park entrance.

In the area known as the Denali Canyon you will find a full service restaurant & bar, a fish and chips restaurant, two beer and pizza joints, a hot dog stand and, and a burger joint with the best views in the canyon. The Denali Park Salmon Bake is located across from the Denali Princess Lodge and serves a hearty breakfast, has a full service bar and has a great lunch and dinner menu with local favorites such as Salmon Quesadillas and Halibut Tacos. (more…)

Fourth of July at the Kenai Princess Lodge

Kenai Princess Wilderness LodgeMy family and I were fortunate enough to sneak in a quick camping trip over the recent Fourth of July weekend. By way of disclaimer, or perhaps confession, I should elaborate on my family’s idea of “camping”. First we load up the RV with roughly half of the contents of our Anchorage home and head south on the Seward Highway towards our favorite “camping spot” in Cooper Landing. Even with holiday traffic, and the obligatory stop at the Girdwood “Y” bakery for apple fritters, we made the trip in right around two hours. Okay, another confession, this “camping spot” I am talking about is really in the driveway of my brother-in-law’s house who manages and lives next door to the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. (more…)

The New Anchorage Museum

You may not think a visit to a museum would normally be on your list of must see places to visit in Alaska, but a visit to the Anchorage Museum earlier this week gave me reason to believe otherwise.  I am really excited about visiting the Anchorage Museum this summer as it has been under renovation and expansion for the last three years. The Grand Opening occurs on May 22nd for the new Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center, the Imaginarium Discover Center, and the Thomas Planetarium among other new features of the museum. (more…)

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